Make the Most of Your Existing Content

Your marketing engine is driven by the content you produce - website copy, customer stories, lead nurturing emails, newsletters, blog posts, videos, webinars, PR pieces, and more.

But where does all this content come from? Do you have to create all of it from scratch? Unless you are just starting your business, chances are you already have content you’ve created that you can repurpose for different mediums.

In this flight plan you will learn:

  • 5 places to look for content you already have
  • A simple strategy to choose the best content to repurpose
  • How to transform your content for different mediums

5 places to look for content you already have

Spend 15 minutes taking stock of your existing content. Once you know what you are working with, choosing what content to repurpose will be a piece of cake. In an Excel sheet or simple text document, review your blog, website, emails, social media sites, and videos for content that you have already seen results from.

To show an example of what this could look like, consider a retailer of fine wines who sells directly to its customers, as well as online their ecommerce website. Here’s their 15-minute content audit:

1. Blogs

List all posts.

  • “3 Pinots that Sommeliers Love”
  • “The Perfect Wine and Cheese Pairing for Dinner Tonight”
  • “How to Impress Your Friends with Your Wine Expertise”

2. Website copy

Write down general themes.

  • Tons of information about wine regions.
  • Food and pairing recommendations.
  • A library of PDFs of recent wine awards reports.

3. Emails

Distinguish by subject line.

  • “Big Pinot Noir sale for springtime!”
  • “The next big thing in wine”
  • “Fun pictures of our trip to Napa”

4. Social sites

Pay attention to tweets and updates that you can expand upon.

  • “What are you having for dinner tonight? Try filet mignon with a chardonnay. You won’t regret it.”
  • “Cool pic from our barrel room. Enjoy!”

5. Videos

List all videos.

  • Interview with winery owner, Leroy Jenkins.

Do the same type of content audit for your business. Once you have this inventory in place, your next step is nailing down what to repurpose first.

A simple strategy to choose the best content to repurpose

After doing your content audit, look at past results and analytics to identify top-performing content to transform first. This could be:

  • The blog post that drove the most traffic
  • The email with the highest open rates
  • The video with the most views
  • The social media post with the most shares and/or responses

The rationale behind this strategy is your successful content in one medium will be successful in another.

How to transform your content for different mediums

There are two ways forward after nailing down your top-performing content to repurpose:

The Quick Win. Takes minimal time and energy resources, immediate payoff.

Generally speaking, transforming written content into other types of written content is fairly easy and provides immediate results...

Original medium → new medium

  • Tweet → blog post
  • Blog post → lead nurturing email
  • Infographic → direct mail postcard
  • Blog series → autoresponder series

As an example, create a summary email of your best blog post (like the one below) that hooks your readers with an image and a few lines of text, then link them back to the source content.


The quick win is great if you feel the urge to accomplish something right now and get a repurposed piece out quickly. If you want to make a larger splash, that’s where the big bet comes in.

The Big Bet. Requires more time, energy, and money, but has the potential of a bigger payoff.

Transforming written content into videos and presentations is more difficult because a different skillset is required. But odds are your audience is chock full of people who would devour your content after you repurpose it into an audio or visual medium.

Another big bet is creating in-depth ebooks that can be used as irresistible lead magnets. Typically, ebooks/whitepapers are used as gated content where people exchange their email address for a downloadable PDF and enter your lead nurturing journey.

Here is a handful of big bets to spark your creativity:

Original medium → New medium

  • Blog post → ebook
  • Blog post → webinar
  • Blog post → slide deck
  • Statistics List → infographic
  • Website copy → product video

Even though the investment in greater, big bets are worth considering if your existing audience will resonate and there’s a chance to win more customers.

Wrapping it all up

Repurposing your existing content is a great way to generate interest from your customers and community, automatically. Instead of creating from scratch, you can transform the content you already have into various formats to build your audience and connect with people who learn through different mediums.

Your company blog is a good starting point to repurpose content from. Learn how to grow your business with blogging →

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